The Solid Rock Church was founded and organized, through the leading of the Lord, by the late Elder Andrew Harrod in June of the year 1975.  Since coming to the Lord, Pastor and Mother Harrod displayed a zeal to do the work of the Lord.  In light of that zeal, Pastor Harrod was called into the ministry in 1954.  In August of 1973, he was elevated and ordained to the position of Elder.  Later, the Lord moved upon Elder Harrod that he might go out and do the work that the Lord had for him.  Elder Harrod wanted to be certain that the Lord was with him.  Through fasting and praying, Elder Harrod got his deliverance and his answer.

        When Pastor Harrod began seeking a place to worship, the Lord answered and blessed them with a temporary place of worship located on Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick, Maryland.  On Tuesday, June 24, 1975, Elder Harrod held his first service and ten members were added.  After preaching his first sermon as Pastor, "Every Man Wants To Be Free," three more families joined.  The Church needed a name, and Mother Harrod had it; "The Solid Rock Church."

        Pastor Harrod began prayer services and fast days beseeching the Lord for property to build a permanent place of worship.  In 1978, the Lord answered and blessed the Church with the resources to purchase three acres of land in Port Republic, Maryland.  Pastor Harrod taught the Saints to trust the Lord for everything.  Pastor Harrod continued to give of himself as long as his health would allow.  In 1993, the Lord took Pastor Harrod home to greater rewards.


        In July of 1993, Minister Alton Tyler became acting pastor of the Solid Rock Church.  During the 1993 National Convention of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Minister Tyler was ordained to the office of Elder.  Upon returning from the convention, Elder Tyler was officially installed as Pastor of the Solid Rock Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Pastor Tyler always reminded the Saints to remember the words of wisdom spoken by his predecessor, mentor, and former pastor of Solid Rock, the late Elder Andrew Harrod, to "Keep the bread fresh."  Pastor Tyler was also fond of saying, "Tell me the truth.  Don't play with my soul!"

        Pastor Tyler served faithfully for seven years as pastor of the Solid Rock Church.  In the year 2000, the Lord called Pastor Tyler home to greater rewards.  At Pastor Tyler's home going service, Bishop Clarence Groover, Sr. (Pastor of the Fisherman of Men Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mid Atlantic Diocesan Bishop) began his eulogy by so eloquently stating that, "A long life is not necessarily a good life, but, a good life is long enough."



In the year following Elder Tyler's passing, the Ministers and Saints of Solid Rock worked together to keep the Church going.  In August of the year 2001, Minister Thomas Berger was ordained to the office of Elder at the National Convention of the Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.  Upon returning from the National Convention, Elder Thomas Berger was officially installed to the position of Pastor of the Solid Rock Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

          As the current pastor of the Solid Rock Church, Pastor Berger's utmost desire for the Church is to go higher.  As he stated in his remarks during his Installation Service and as he often reminds the Church, "Our desire is to go higher."

We are grateful to  the Lord for providing us with a legacy of leadership that has stayed the course, firmly rooted in the doctrine and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with a steadfast commitment to stand on that Solid Rock.


The Solid Rock Church Family

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